Florida Bass Fishing

South of Orlando, good Florida bass fishing can also be found at Lake Walk-In-Water, a nationally renowned location for largemouth bass. Many anglers catch up to 25 of these a day, with many ranging between four and eight pounds. While there is a limitation on size, with the window of 15-24 inches and only three bass per day, the lake is quite productive and fun to fish.

Lake Istokpoga is an excellent breeding ground for bass, as the 5th largest natural lake in the state that has an average depth of only six feet. Here, there is an incredible amount of vegetation that works as cover for spawning as well as for adult fish that like to keep out of the watchful eyes of anglers and the heat of the sun. Try wading in around the shoreline and fishing with spinnerbaits and topwater baits, or take a boat out, but be sure it is a shallow bottom boat to avoid potential underwater hazards, like stumps and sunken islands that also make for good bass hiding spots.

Other good Florida bass fishing prospects include Deer Point Lake (in the panhandle near Panama City and popular for largemouth bass), the Suwanee River (213 miles of water flowing from the Georgia border to the Gulf of Mexico), and the Everglades, with over 200 miles of canals. Next time you are in Florida, keep in mind that there is plenty of good fishing to be had without ever stepping foot near salt water or floating out into the deep sea.

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