Florida Bass

In the introduction to this article I promised an overlooked spot that is not heavily fished. Try the canal system of Cape Coral. Cape Coral is known for its series of canals. Most of them are saltwater canals that hold sharks, tarpon, snook, redfish and many other ocean fish. Many people don’t know however that Cape Coral also has many freshwater canals that are loaded with Largemouth Bass.

These canals are very easy to fish using a variety of methods. You can successfully use just about any kind of artificial bait. I like to fish areas where two or more canals intersect. This is much like fishing the creek mouth of a river, a prime hideout for Largemouth Bass. There is generally a current in these canals. When casting a lure I cast so the lure is retrieved against the current rather than with the current.

It is very important that you do not spend much time in any one spot that is not productive. You also will not catch many fish in one particular area. If you catch two or three bass in a spot and then do not catch another for a short bit it is time to move. This is a hit and run type of fishing. There are many canals to choose from with many access points from shore. It is an easy method of fishing, especially for the fisherman without a boat.

Two great places to fish in the State of Florida. They have different rewards and require different methods of attack. There are of course many other places to fish. These are two of my favorites and I think will be yours also if you try them.

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