Four striped bass rigs and how to use them

Many anglers seek out striped bass because of their size and the battle they will put up when hooked. The challenge they offer is incomparable to most gamefish due to their size. This species can grow to be very large and this makes them quite a challenge. They can weigh in over one hundred pounds and one of the most amazing things about this species is that you can find them close to the shore.

Striped bass are fished for sport and because they make a delicious meal. You’ll know a striped bass when you catch one due to their color and markings. They are an olive green everywhere except the belly, which is white. There have 7 or 8 distinctive stripes down the sides, 2 sharp points on each gill and soft-rayed
portions separate the dorsal fin.

Like most species of fish, you should learn as much as you can about the striped bass before seeking them out for the best results. If you’re going to an area in which you’re not familiar, take time to learn about the water and where the best locations would be to find this species. You also have the option of hiring a guide to take you fishing until you learn the area better.

One of the best ways to catch striped bass is with rigs and here are four of the most popular ones used today:

Types of Striped Bass Rigs:
1. Two Hook Pilchard Rig – This is an excellent rig because it can be used in nearly any situation and from any position such as from a boat, shoreline or dock. The magic behind this rig is that you’re less likely to lose your bait due to the design. You can use this rig in two different ways. For example, you can use one fish hooked twice or two pieces of bait hooked once.
2. The Dropper Rig – The dropper rig is a great choice for many anglers and works best from either a pier or boat. You can get a dropper rig in both single and double design. The difference between the single and the double is the number of hooks on the line with the single having one and the double having two. These hooks are not on the same line like those on the pilchard rig and this allows you to use different types of bait and experiment while catching multiple fish. The great thing about dropper rigs, especially doubles, is that the hooks will float separately and with the current creating a more realistic illusion.
3. Hi-Low Rig – This rig is a great choice when fishing with mackerel, clams and even sandworms. This rig allows you to fish one of the baits down on the bottom and the other one will be one or two feet above that one.
4. Three-Way Swivel Rig- This rig is best used when fishing in the deeper channels in the early spring. It will hold the bait on the bottom when fishing in water with medium to strong currents. It keeps the bait in place so It can do its job of entices the striper to take the bait. If you’ve never used rigs before, you may be a little surprised at how great they work. Once you do give them a try, you’ll never go fishing without them again,

More about Fishing for Striped Bass

Rigs can make a big difference when seeking out the striped bass but learning as much about this species in general will help you catch more fish. You can fish for this species during the day but you’ll normally get more bites at night.

When night fishing for the striped bass, don’t shine a light in the water like you would do for many other species. This will actually send them swimming in the opposite direction.

Live bait will be your best choice when fishing for this species and some of your best options include eels, sea worms and herring. Remember not to handle the bait more than absolutely necessary because fish won’t strike at bait that has a human smell. If you prefer not to use live bait don’t worry, you can catch this species using lures.

The key to using artificial lures successfully while fishing for striped bass is to pick lures that resemble their natural food source. Technology has made it possible for manufactures to make lures that look and move like the real thing making it impossible for the fish to tell the difference.

The striped bass can see and hear well and this is something that many anglers don’t realize. Talking too loudly or dropping anything in the boat will likely scare them away and make you miss out on your opportunity to catch one of these amazing fish.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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