Georgia Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips for Catching Georgia Bass

When Georgia bass fishing you will find that the lakes here have both still waters and waters with strong currents. Did you know that you can catch just as many fish in water with a current as you can in still water? This is something that many anglers do not know and therefore, they miss out on a lot of good fishing opportunities. Of course, if you are not use to fishing in a current, then you may need to practice your techniques a little because there is a big difference between the two.

When fishing in moving water you will need to determine the speed of the current and you will also need to have heavier equipment to prevent it from being damaged. The current will also help to determine where you will find the most bass. They tend to stay in the slower moving water where they can wait patiently for their food source to go by. Bass are also drawn to flooded areas and gentle streams where there is a lot of food to be found.

When fishing in the current you need to remember that the water will move your lure very quickly. As a result, you will need to cast your lure upstream from where you think the bass is located. This way the water will push the lure in front of the bass where they will have a chance to grab it. If you are fly fishing for bass in moving waters, then you need to remember to use weighted flies so you can have better control over where they go to make sure they hit the targeted area.

Whether fishing in still water or in a current it is important that you take some time to get to know the water you are fishing in. The better you know the area and the feeding habits of the bass in that location, the more successful you will be. This is simply because over time, you will learn where the most bass are located and which lures they respond to the best. Remember that bass stay near man-made and natural structures such as ledges, docks, stumps, weeds and so forth. Happy bass fishing in Georgia!

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