How to Haul in Bass When Fishing Rivers

Another factor to keep in mind is the best time of day to fish, which in a river means late evening to early morning. Bass love to ambush at these times near openings to smaller creeks, on inside curves with sandbars and smaller gravel, and anywhere the river flows into or out of a deep hole. You can find the deep holes by spotting where the river gets wide and shallow (an indicator that a deeper hole is close by) as well as by noting anywhere that you see a lot of tiny ripples in calmer flow by themselves. Bass can find a lot of food in these areas, and they can definitely be fished with a lot of success.

Whenever you do find a prime current break to try out, just keep in mind that the bass will be on the downstream side and very rarely otherwise. They will want to be looking towards what’s headed their way, and they will want to find a way to do so that uses very little energy.

One great tip that has always helped me out on the river is to pay attention to other wildlife in the area. Birds and small river foraging animals will many times have the same dietary habits of the largemouth bass, so pay close attention to locations where you see any activity above the water.

There is a lot of opportunity for fishing river bass, and the best way to spot those are to always remember to think like a bass.

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