How do I catch bass at Kingsley Lake in Central Florida in August?

I will be bass fishing at Kingsley Lake in North central fla in Aug of 2008. What is my best chance at catching quailty fish. what are the fish doing this time of year? (spawn -pre-spawn, post etc?)

Kingsley Lake in Central Florida is a fantastic body of water that will provide an excellent bass fishing experience for every enthusiast. It is absolutely teeming with largemouth bass so you can get a lot of action with just one trip there. All of the fish there are high quality and they seem to be getting bigger year in and year out so you should have a hale of a time. August is definitely post-spawn but that is not to say that the action will not be as busy because it will. The population of bass is huge. However, you should bear in mind that the lake itself is a large watersports lake and so there will be swimmers, boaters and water skiers everywhere so you do have to find a spot away from them. In some ways this is a good thing because it means thatthere will be a concentration of bass in the quieter waters a little farther out. If you find that spot then you may find that your catch rate breaks your own personal record! There are some tricks and tips you can use to improve it yourself. Using a Texas rig tends to have a great effect and going out onto the open water also has a great effect on your catch rate. There is little vegetation because of the nature of the lake so just use a plastic worm and drag it along the bottom of the lake itself. This will attract attention and is a proven technique.

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