How do I catch bass in Lake Erie? I heard that they are there, but I cannot find them.

How do I catch bass in Lake Eerie? I heard they’re in there, but I can’t find ’em!

There are some hot spots on Lake Erie for fishing smallmouth bass. You will see some five-pound smallmouth in Lake Erie. During the spring months, May in particular, look for the bass in the shallow waters. They are very aggressive after the spawn and will feed on almost anything. The bass like to feed on crayfish, shad and smelt. The round gobies are also a popular baitfish. During the spring, you can fish the shallow waters with a top water lure. You have to find the right underwater structure during the other months. The bass can be found around rock structures and piles of rocks or rubble. The best place to find them is by a drop off with a rocky bottom. The smallmouth will be close by waiting for the bait. Try to avoid the bedrock flats because you will only find a few smallmouths in these areas. Depending on the state you are fishing from will determine the best area to fish. In Ohio, you can fish the Vermillion by the shorelines. In Pennsylvania, you can fish by Misery Bay. The harbor is a great place for smallmouth bass fishing. In the waters of PA, you can fish for bass year round and keep four a day as long as they are fifteen inches minimum. During the spawn, you can keep one fish per day at twenty inches minimum. If you find these areas, you should have no problem catching your limit of smallmouth bass per day any day.

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