How do underwater plants affect bass sizes?

how do underwater plants effect bass sizes

Underwater plants do not necessarily affect the size of the bass, but more or less affects how many bass survive spawning and grow to be a good size fish. If the underwater plants would disappear from the waters, all fish would become prey to any predator. Bass are not the only fish that would reduce in population, all fish would eventually cease because they would be eating each other. It is a known fact that once a bas male is done with the fry, he will leave and start looking for food. He will eat his own fry if they would not have somewhere to hide. Fish would no longer have a chance to grow and survive. Therefore, the underwater plants are needed so we can have fish in the lakes and rivers. We also need the plants to protect the small fish from predators so they can grow in size. If predator fish have no where to look for food, they will die. Bass will eat bluegills until they reach a certain size. If the bluegills have nowhere to hide, they will die off because the bass can eat all the little ones. Bass on the other hand will die off because there will not be enough food to sustain them. Without underwater plants, fish will not survive and grow, but it does not affect there size as far as eating, it affects their size because they can live longer and grow because they can hide from predator fish.

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