How Do You Catch Bass When They Are Spawning?

how do you catch bass when they are spawning do they eat when they spawn

There has been a debate raging amongst bass fishing enthusiasts for years regarding spawning and this question actually delves right to the heart of it. There are two schools of thought on the topic, both of which are outlined below so you can make up your own mind. Many believe that you should not fish for bass at all whilst they are spawning. This includes bass fishing enthusiasts and conservationists alike. The reasons behind this are many, but they all hinge on the fact that fishing whilst the bass are spawning can actually harm the bass population of the area. Fewer bass obviously mean fewer born but fishing during spawning can damage the eggs and leave them extremely vulnerable to predators so you could actually do a lot of harm. The bass population of the area could plummet, which is why many pools and protected areas will not let you fish at that time. As for how to catch bass whilst they are spawning, you may find it a little more difficult to do so because they do tend to go deeper in the waters, as well as find various rocks and vegetative areas to spawn in. They do eat at this time, but you may have to be patient. Many actually believe that it is the best time to fish for bass though. As such, try a variety of techniques and see which ones are the most successful. You will probably fing that a torpedo lure or smilar is the most effective.

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