How should I fish for bass from the bank?

I’m new to the area and an avid bass fisherman. I however left my boat back in Virginia. This will not stop me from fishing. How about some tips on where I could enjoy some decent bassin from the bank and what should I bring to have some success. Thanks a bunch. Matt

Fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass from the banks of any river or lake is a popular choice amongst bass fishing enthusiasts these days. Although not quite as appealing or enabling as doing so via a boat because you cannot follow the schools of bass as they move from area to area. However, fishing for bass from the banks does have is advantages, especially during very cold or very hot temperature snaps in lakes and rivers that are characterised by vegetation and various ridges, holes and shelves. These are absolute havens for bass, who tend to head there to avoid conditions that do not suit them. If you do choose to fish from the banks then you should do so as you would from a boat – fishing as fast as the bass move and using the same lures that you would use out on the lake. However, you should make sure that those lures are weedless to ensure that they do not get caught in any vegetation during fishing. Trawling all sorts of vegetation is ideal for catching bass because they do tend to hide away from harsher temperatures and sunlight there. You cannot fish such areas from a boat because you would not be able to get it as close to the shore as you may need to for it to have an impact. This especially applies for shelves and holes because it is too dangerous. Furthermore, you can actually hide a little better to make your ruse particularly effective.

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