How to become a better bass fisherman

Bass fishing is one of my favorites, and I know it is for many of you out there. However, many people ask about how they can do it better. So this information is full of some tips that I would like to share. They will help you to enhance your bass fishing experience. They may also be the techniques you need in order to reel in those very large sized ones that have been eluding you in the past!

One of the misconceptions out there about bass fishing is that you need to have a large pole to work with. I have found that they tend to be difficult to work with and they really aren’t more effective. By all means if you have a smaller pole you will find that it helps you to enjoy bass fishing to the fullest. I use an ultra light pole that is about 5 feet long. This is a change from the heavy duty 7 foot pole that I was using before to bass fish with.

You also want to make sure you have the right type of line. I use 8 pound Berkley and it has been wonderful for me. Nothing is more disappointing than getting a great bass on your hook, reeling it in, and that line snaps. Make sure you have everything in place that you need to guard against such and outcome.

Now, I know that many of you want those great big bass and your day will come. However, if you are fairly inexperienced with bass fishing do yourself a favor and start out smaller. Then you will be able to experience the best ways to handle bringing them in. You want to be familiar with that process so that you can reel them in successfully. As you get more comfortable then you can seek out those larger bass.

The use of various types of bait is important when you want to improve your bass fishing techniques. I use both crank baits and spinner baits. It is a good idea to have both on hand. Then if you aren’t having much luck with one you can try the other. You should also take the time to evaluate the location where you plan on fishing. Find out the fishing report information so that you can get the right bait for that location. This is a simple tip but one that many people tend to overlook.

Plastic worms do well with bass but you want to go with lighter colors. They will be curious and come around and that is going to be where you get them. You should be patient too when it comes to bass fishing. Allow your hook and bait to be in the water for a substantial amount of time before you bring it in and cast again.

When you go with lures, avoid those that are colorful. What often happens is that the bass will attack them. So you get this nibble but then the fish is gone. You may get frustrated because you aren’t able to get them on your hook. When you go with lighter colors though it is more natural looking. It is appealing to the bass and they want to enjoy their meal. That element of surprise is going to be what gets them on your hook!

The exception to this rule though is when you are fishing in murky water that is muddy. It doesn’t make sense to use neutral colors as there is no way the bass will find it. That is really the only time that I will use those colorful worms or lures so I do keep a few of them on hand. In some locations fishing in the muddy murky water can really yield lots of bass. Plus, this is often territory that may fisherman don’t know about so you can get some ideal spots all to yourself.

I have found the best luck with bass fishing has been in the smaller lakes too versus the bigger locations. That isn’t always the way it works out but if you take some time to really identify the areas where people are getting their bass from you will find that this works. Still, many bass fishermen tend to think the deepest and largest bodies of water are where they should go. If that hasn’t worked for you then by all means give the flip side of it a try.

When it comes to improving you bass fishing techniques you need to be patient. Try some of these tips though and you can find what works the best for you. Then you can customize your bass fishing experience to make it the best every single time. Doing so is going to only further increase your passion for this type of fishing.

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