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There are quite a few different types of minnows out there. It is impossible to cover all of them here but I would like to touch on some basic information about some of them. You will find minnows living in all types of bodies of fresh water. This includes rivers, lakes, and even some swamp areas.
In just about any type of water though you should be able to find at least 10 different types in one place. Most of us don’t know enough about them though to identify them, we just lump them all into the category of the minnow. They are often sought after for use as bait for various forms of recreational fishing.

Common Shiner Minnow

The Common Shiner minnow is one type of minnow that is found in plenty of places. They are only about 2 or 3 inches in length when they are fully grown. They offer a silverfish color and they may also have dark areas on their back as well as on the sides of the body that are dark gray or black. They are found in both warm and cold bodies of water.

Red Fin Shiner Minnow

As you may have guessed by the name, this minnow has red on the fins. They average about 3 inches in length. The body is a light silver or gray with various shades of red on the outer fins. The shade of it may resemble more on an orange though in some locations. The belly is also silver but there is some olive green on it as well as found on the sides of these minnows.

Sand Shiner

This minnow is long and skinny. They vary in coloration including olive green and silver. They often have a dark defining stripe down the middle. The fins are very thin and light colored. In some locations they are almost transparent but in others they are more of a cream coloring.

Black Chin Shiner Minnow

The Black Chin Shiner minnow only lives in very clean bodies of water. They don’t do well in areas that have polluted water. Many people can identify them though and they like the fact that their survival indicates that the water they are fishing in is very clean and healthy.

This minnow is about 4 inches in length and they are very thin. It features silver coloring on the bottom and then an olive green coloring on the top. In the center is a defined black color that goes all the way down the body including the tail.

Brassy Minnow

The Brassy Minnow is small, only about 2 inches long. It has a dark black bottom and a yellow section in the middle of the body. They also feature the long black stripe that extends the full length of the body. This is one of the most common types of minnows you will find in very small bodies of water such as streams.

The Brassy Minnow happens to be excellent for Brook Trout fishing I might add. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on these minnows then you may be taking home some very large trout for dinner that night!

Emerald Shiner Minnow

As the name indicates this minnow is a very pretty green coloring. They often have a lighter shade of green on the top. They range in size from 2 to 3 inches. This particular minnow is most likely found in large schools. So if you find where they are at you can typically get a dozen or more for fishing bait with ease.

Black Nose Shiner Minnow

The Black Nose Shiner Minnow ranges in size from 2 to 3 inches. They have a silver bottom and a dark gray with olive green top. They have a black nose as the name indicates and they also have the long black line from their nose to their tail. They too have a low tolerance for any types of polluted water.

It can be useful to find out the types of minnows that happen to live around the bodies of water where you go fishing. As a kid I loved the excitement of getting the minnows for bait just as much as the actual fishing so let the kids come along and help out. If you plan to fish in unknown territory you can go online and see photos of the various types of minnows that will be found there.

As I mentioned, certain types of minnows are excellent food for enticing various types of fish to come along. If you are fishing for particular fish then you may want to find out the best types of minnows to use as bait. There is definitely variety in what will appeal to fish so don’t assume all minnows will give you the same results out there.

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