How to Catch Striped Bass

Fresh water striped bass also go by the nickname of stripers in many areas. They are a fun fish to catch and as part of the bass family, can get to some large proportions.It is fun to catch this fish and they can offer a trophy or two for the angler who gets the big on one their line.Some even get as big as fifty pounds in some of the larger lakes.They are also a great fish to eat and many people angle for them just for the meat.The only issue with catching stripers is that they are quite elusive and are not the easiest to find or land.

So how you catch striped bass?The following are some tips that you can use to catch this fun, tasty and elusive fish:

* Time of Day – It is important to look for these fish at the right time of day.They feed in the early morning so that is the best time to hit the lake and get fishing.This may not be the best time for you, but if you want to get your limit, you need to wake up early and be out before the sun comes up.They do not feed during the heat of day so while you may get one or two on your line fishing deep, it is a fluke and not the norm with the striped bass.

* Where to Fish – The good news is that you do not necessarily need your boat if you want to fish for striped bass unless you want to access remote areas of the lake.This fish likes the shallow waters of the shore when they feed because this is where their food sources are located.Any place that has a slight current such as channels and stream inlets are favored.This is because there is a differing in water temperatures and the baitfish that the stripers feed on is stunned by the sudden change in the water and it is easier for them to catch and feed upon.If you see small fish attacking the surface of the water, you can be assured that there is a striped bass or two underneath them feeding so you want to get your line in that area.

* How to Fish for Striped Bass – If you like to just throw your line out and wait for the fish to strike, thenyou should not be fishing for the stripers because they do not take static bait.You should cast out and reel in
quickly with a jerky motion that mimics a baitfish that is injured or ill.This allows the striper to recognize the meal and the opportunity to catch it easily.

Trolling is a popular method if you want to get your boat out on the lake, and let’s face it, nothing is better than watching the sun come up on a peaceful area of the lake where nobody else is fishing. Trolling allows the same action and casting and reeling in but gives you the chance to relax while you wait for the big strike.The strike is big and if you are not paying attention, you can lose your bait, line and entire fishing pole if you do not have it properly secured or you are not holding on tightly to it.

* Lures and Bait for Striped Bass – It is important to use a lure that floats and mimics the action of the natural food source of the baitfish.Lures that look like the shad that the bass feed on are the best lures to use.When
trolling, a white headed jig can be quite effective and you find that you get many strikes in this manner.Always use natural looking lures so that the bass think they are getting a tasty meal and also because they do not strike on anything that does not look like their natural food source.Shad is the best live bait to use and it can be utilized when static fishing or when trolling just as easily.

* How to Land Stripers – Hooking a striper is only half the battle.They are fierce fighters and can go to great lengths to get away from you and the hook that is set in their mouth.When you get a strike, they typically head straight to shore so you need to use a reel and relax technique.Reel in quickly and then slowly and lay off for a second or two before starting again.

The large ones can take up to a half an hour to bring completely in.If it takes you this long to bring your striped bass, the work is well worth it because it is nearly guaranteed to be a monster.

Fishing for striped bass is a fun way to get some great tasting fish and can also bring in a trophy or two if you are lucky enough.Fish in the morning and make sure to use lures that mimic the actual baitfish that they feed on.You can fish for them by casting out and reeling in or you can troll for them and be assured that you land some good sized fish.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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