How To Find Your Bass With Both Hands…..

how do yoy tell the whole bass family apart

It depends on what you mean by bass. Largemouth, and Smallmouth Bass are not really bass at all, but members of the sunfish family (Micropterus). They can be easily identified by the length of the jaw. If the jaw extends past the eye, it is a Largemouth. If it only extends to the center of the eye, it is a Smallmouth. Markings are not very helpful with these fish because they vary, as does their colors, according to the water they came from. These species are known as the Black Basses. A subspecies, the Florida Bass, can only be identified positively by a biologist, or zoologist.

The true basses (Morone) the Striped Bass (which comes in both fresh, and saltwater versions, even though they are the same species), White Bass, Yellow Bass, Hybrid Bass ( a cross between Striped Bass and White Bass), and White Perch. These are all known as the temperate basses, and should not be confused with Sea Basses. All of these fish share a basic physiology, consisting of a streamlined body, spiny rays, and except for the White Perch, Darkish longitudal stripes over a lighter-colored body. In the caser of Whote Bass and Stripers, a White bass has a more hump-backed shape, and the stripes will be broken as they move to the anterior. A White Bass will seldom top 5 pounds, so anything bigger will be a hybrid, or Striped bass. Hybrids share the shape and stripe characteristics of White bass, only large, up to 15 pounds or more. Striped Bass have a more streamlined body, unbroken stripes and are much larger, up to 60 pounds or more. Yellow Bass look like a small Striped Bass, except they have a beautiful golden, or brassy color on their bodies, and seldom get larger than 2 or 3 pounds. White Perch share the same body shape as White Bass, without stripes, and their bodies are Olive-greenish on the dorsal side, fading to paler olive or silvery green on the sides, and finally, to t cream-colored belly. Larger White Perch often have a bluish spot on their heads.

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