How was the biggest bass ever caught?

Many anglers dream of holding the title of catching the biggest bass ever. This would be an amazing feat and something you could be very proud of. Just imagine how it would feel to pass the current record and have your name announced as the new winner of this amazing and much sought after title. At this time, the title goes to a man named George Perry from South Georgia. It was caught on June 2nd in 1932 out of Lake Montgomery. This bass weighed twenty-two pounds and four ounces.

There’s not a lot of details available surrounding how Perry caught the biggest bass ever because it was so long ago. However, according to an article presented by “Bassmaster” the story goes something like this. During this time the economy was bad and many people were poor so fishing was more than just a sport, it was a way for families to eat.

Perry and a friend took the day off from working out in the fields due to excessively wet weather and went fishing. It was Perry’s turn to fish and he noticed some movement near a shallow stump. Hoping it would be an opportunity to hook a nice catch; he cast out his line and got a bite. When he tried to reel in the catch, he couldn’t at first so he immediately thought the fish had gotten away.

Thinking he was hung up on debris, Perry was concerned about losing the “Creek Chub Fintail Shiner” lure he was using because it was the only one they had. At that moment, the bass moved and the struggle began. Shortly afterwards, he was pulling the biggest bass ever caught into his boat with both hands. Although, neither Perry nor his friend had any idea this would be recorded as the world’s largest bass one day, they did know that it was the biggest one they had ever seen.

What Happened After the Catch Was Made

After reeling in such an amazing catch Perry and his friend naturally wanted to show it off to anyone who wanted to listen so they stopped at a town called Helena on their way home. They went into a general store where the bass was measured at 32 and a half inches long and 28 and a half inches round. Then, they went to the post office to use certified scales to have it weighed and it was registered at 22 pounds and 4 ounces.
Perry was told about a big fish contest that was being sponsored by “Field & Stream” so he entered the contest.
Naturally, with a fish this size, he won the contest and two years later he was recognized as having caught the world record bass. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding George Perry’s catch due to the lack of proof but the fact still remains, he holds the world record today for the biggest bass ever caught although, he does have some competition now.

A Tie for the World Record

Now that you’ve heard the story surrounding how the original biggest bass ever caught come about it’s time to learn about the latest catch that tied for the world record seventy-seven years later. Manabu Kurita caught a bass that weighed twenty-two pounds and 4.97 ounces from Lake Biwa in Japan. On January 8th 2010, the IGFA announced they approved this catch as a tie for the world record held for the largest bass ever caught. The details surrounding how this bass was caught are as follows.

Kurita was fishing Lake Biwa located northeast of Kyoto and he saw what looked like a huge monster bass swim past a piling. He cast his Japanese bluegill bait in this area and wiggled it around a little. Within minutes he had a bite and began his struggle with what turned out to be a tie for the world record.

Kurita was fishing with a Deps fishing rod combined with a Shimano Antares DC7LV fishing reel. He had twenty-five pound Toray fluorocarbon fishing line on the reel. Since his catch weighed less than two ounces more than Perry’s, he tied for the world record title instead of beating it.

What Comes Next
You’ve heard two stories about how two different anglers caught the biggest bass recorded so what comes next? No doubt, there will be many anglers out there trying to break this record and be the new angler to hold the title of catching the world’s largest bass. It could happen anytime, anywhere.

Kurita has restored interest in trying to catch the biggest bass ever because his was so close to being a new world record instead of a tie. Anglers know that the big one is out there somewhere and some lucky fisherman will reel it in one day. You never know when it’ll happen or who’ll do the honors but it will happen eventually. It could even be on your next fishing trip.

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