Improve The Bass’ Chance Of Survival.

How long can a Bass be out of water and still survive a release?

When it comes to catch and release fishing, it is important to know how to handle the fish that you catch and, more importantly, how long you have to release the creatures before fatal damage is done. The average bass can actually survive for up to 20 minutes before expiring, but it is essential to handle the fish carefully and get it back into water as quickly as possible.

If a bass is placed in a storage tank after being caught then it can survive for up to six hours. However, the conditions and season do make a difference to the survival rate of any bass caught and released. If they are not handled correctly then they could be released within two minutes and still die so it is important to learn how to handle them effectively and take your time if you are not sure how to procede. As long as you do not exceed 20 minutes then they should be fine.

Bass are always released during tournaments because this renders them able to reproduce, thus ensuring that bass fishing can continue. All of the bass are almost certainly caught again and so it makes it essential that they are released as soon as possible to prevent enduring damage. In some cases though, this is just not possible.

For example, if the water happens to be above 80 degrees when a tournament takes place, only 40% of those returned to the waters survive for more than 48 hours. However, if the water is lower then 75 degrees then over 90% of all bass survive. This makes winter the best time for catch and release bass fishing.




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