In Atlanta, Georgia, when do bass start to spawn? Do bass eat more before the spawn or after the spawn?

exactly what time of year do bass start spawning in my area? i live 30 miles south of atlanta georgia. and do bass tend to feed a lotmore right before they spawn? thank you!

As with any fish, the bass spawns when the water temperature rises after the winter months. It is also going to depend on the weather, but you can start looking in April for spawning bass. Keep in mind that bass are extremely aggressive towards anglers who move in on their spawning grounds. I have never heard of a bass actually jumping out of the water to attack someone, but they are very protective. The best time to look for spawning bass is when you have a quick warming trend in the water temperatures. Keep in mind that during spawning, if the water temperatures cool rapidly, the bass will leave until the water warms again. The second spawn happens about two weeks after the first spawn. The first spawn is not as productive as the second spawn. After the first and second spawn, bass will continue to spawn every two or so weeks after that, but this does depend on the weather. Bass spawning season lasts for about two months. Bass are aggressive eaters after the spawn. They will feed on almost anything you offer. It is the easiest time to catch bass. You are not going to see much action before the spawn, but after spawning season, you are going have an incredible day of bass fishing. Catch them before they get back into the deeper waters. It is really important to watch the water temperatures in April and then start counting down to when the bass will be in a feeding frenzy.

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