Is it easier to catch bass at night?

I’ve been told it’s easier to catch Bass at night than during the day – is that true?

If you’re fishing a spot that is heavily pressured, odds are the Bass are extremely spooky during the day.  At night, when the water is quiet, the Bass who have gone deep during the day will once more head out to the shallow water along the humps, feeding flats and bluffs.  While most experienced Bass fishermen will tell you that you can catch Bass day or night if you take the time to figure out where they’re at, for a beginner, it is probably easier to find them once the sun goes down.  If you’re planning on doing some night fishing, there are a few things you should know – it is slightly different than fishing with the light of day.  First of all, don’t ever fish alone and make sure that you know your area well.  Secondly, don’t clutter up your boat.  With limited sight, the best thing you can do is clear your boat of all it’s clutter.  Simplify to your equipment and don’t bring along anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  Pick a few lures and keep them handy and keep your rods to one side of the boat so they don’t get in your way.  Don’t forget the flashlight and the batteries!

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2 Responses to “Is it easier to catch bass at night?”

  1. I have caught some of the biggest bass I have ever caught at night using topwater baits such as frogs and buzzbaits, but beleive it or not, a jig with a big trailer is VERY effective as well. I use no lights at all, just let your eyes get adjusted to the dark and go often. You will be amazed!! I have almost the state record from Delaware at 10.16 pounds and have detailed videos and articles on night fishing at my site. I will be happy to answer any questions. I am the 98 Big Bass World Champ and NAFC Hall Of fame angler. Tight lines, Steve

  2. Yes It is I have over 150 videos to watch on this and other topics for free. Tight lines, steve

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