Is there a certain type of lure or bait that would be best suited for fishing in weeded areas?

My son and I just started bass fishing this summer and have had good success at a small pond with a lot of stumps and down trees and branches. There are now a lot of weeds along most areas of the banks. Is there a certain type of lure or bait that would be best suited for this type of fishing? We see the fish jump in the weeds and grass but can’t toss a lure or worm without getting caught. Thank you, Ken

Fishing for bass during the summer months can be aided by the presence of vegetation in various areas on a lake or river because largemouth and smallmouth bass will head there for refuge should the sunlight be too harsh or the tempratures be too high. As such, you may want to consider fishing in areas of vegetation as and when you can. To do so, there are certain lures thatyu cannot use because of the risk to your line. For example, certain lures may well catch on the vegetation and thus make it impossible for you to free your line. As a result, you absolutely need to invest in weedless lures if you want to achieve success. Weedless lures are heralded for their ability to glide through all sorts of vegetation without getting caught and thus do not force you to cut your line at all. The best one is the plastic worm. Undoubtedly a firm favourite for bass, the plastic worm moves well through vegetation, as prey would in the natural environment and the bass seem to go crazy for it. It simply glides through even the densest weeds and manages to look realistic in the water. Another useful lure is the buzzbait but that should be used more in winter to try to entice the bass into moving away from its hiding place. As bass are cold blooded creatures, they barely move in winter but this weedless lure will stand a better chance than most, as will a torpedo.

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