Lake Murray Bass Fishing Secrets – Best Places and Baits

Striped bass is one of the bass species that can be found in both fresh and saltwater locations and are more commonly found on the east coast of the United States. Lake Murray is well known for its striped bass population and this is the fish that most people angle for when they go there. The lake has recorded many huge fish of this species and for this reason many people take vacation here simply to fish for the stripers. There are many different baits, lures and techniques for catching this exciting fish, but which ones really work and which ones are simply wastes of time? The following are 3 Lake Murray bass fishing secrets that can allow you to bring in your limit each time you fish there:

* Research – Many fishermen simply go to the store, purchase the equipment that is said to be made for catching the stripers and then head out to the lake and drop in their line. They think that is all they need to do in order to catch the limit. When they go home empty handed, they cannot understand why. They spent hundreds of dollars on equipment and tackle, that means that they should be successful, does it not? No, it does not. The best secret and tip that any new fisherman on Lake Murray can get is to study up on the fish and do as much reading as possible on what works and what does not.

Speak to the professionals at bait shops and other anglers in the area. They have a wealth of information that they do not mind passing along. The first time you go out fishing, go with a charter group that offers all of the equipment and bait needed to catch the stripers of Lake Murray. Take notes on the location where you are fishing, the lures and tackle used as well as the fishing techniques themselves. Many of these trips include detailed lessons on how to catch this fish and you can use that information to go it alone the next time you go fishing.

* Secluded Areas – Just because one section of the lake is filled with anglers does not mean it is a hot spot for the bass. In fact, just the opposite can be true. An area that is chock full of fishermen in boats can be a very loud area. This noise can translate to the fish and they can become spooked and move out of the area. The striped bass are more skittish than other fish species and do not care for a great deal of noise. If there is a great deal of other watersports taking place like wave runners or skiers, then the fish are not in that area. Go to areas where there are fresh water inlets such as streams. Other fishermen may not know of these areas and this is a place where the stripers are most frequently found. You may have to traverse many miles of the lake in order to find the perfect spot, but the search is worth it when you have a nice peaceful area to yourself. Once you find the perfect spot, shut off all engines including the main engine and trolling motor. The fish are spooked by your motor but calm down after about ten minutes and then you can begin fishing.

* Casting Out – One of the biggest mistakes that are made by the novice fisherman is casting the bait behind the fish. How can the fish see or feel the vibration of the bait or lure if they cannot see it? Many a wasted opportunity has been created because of poor casting decisions. Use your fish finder to locate the fish schools and cast into the middle of them to get their attention. Use lures that create a vibration in the water when slowly reeled in. It is amazing how many fish you can catch when you use the proper casting technique and get the bait and lures out to the exact spot that the fish need to strike on them. It can take a few casts to get to the right spot, but with practice, it is not hard to bring in the limit each time you go out on Lake Murray.

Fishing for bass on Lake Murray can be a great way to spend the day for individuals and families alike. Find and choose spots that do not have a great deal of traffic and that have a fresh water source. Cast in front of the fish and not behind them so they can see your offering and chase after it. Talk to locals and hire a charter company the first time you fish on Lake Murray so you know exactly what you need to be successful.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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