Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Facts

Best Methods for Catching Bass at Lake Okeechobee

When you are bass fishing at Lake Okeechobee you will find two methods that work the best. It is recommended that you use wild shiners or a variety of artificial lures to catch the bass in this lake. They seem to work the best and anglers have learned that wild shiners attract the trophy fish the most. There is a good and simple reason that shiners work so well on this lake. It is because they are the natural food for the bass that live here.

When it comes to artificial lures the best choices are fly fishing and spinning lures. If you are searching for the largest possible catch you could get, then it is a good idea to use large bait. This is a simple strategy that really works because the bigger the bass, the bigger the appetite. The trophy fish will go after the larger bait more often than the smaller ones so, your odds of catching a good size bass will increase. This fishing strategy will also help you save on bait. It does this by discouraging the smaller bass from taking the bait before the larger ones have a chance. If the bait is too large the smaller fish will just swim on by.

Many anglers tend to lose their shiners when casting because they are not securely hooked so, take steps to make sure you don’t have this problem. Otherwise, you will be feeding the bass and not getting anything in return. When using artificial bait it is recommended that you use weedless lures to get the best results. You may also find that you can have some good luck with spinnerbait and topwater bait.

Keep in mind that Lake Okeechobee is full of obstacles so it is important to use gear that will enhance your fishing experience, not hinder it. For example, using a medium to heavy rod would do better than a lightweight one. It would perform better and the risk of it breaking when your line gets snagged or tangled will be reduced. If you are ready for a bass fishing trip that you will always remember, start planning your trip to Lake Okeechobee today!

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