Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures In Mexico

What is the best fishing lure to catch largemoputh bass in mexico

If you plan on going bass fishing in Mexico any time soon then you may want to look into the best lures to use, but there is one that you should absolutely make sure is in your bait box – the buzzbait. Topwater fishing can often yield the best results when you fish in the lakes of Mexico as a result of the heat and the condition of the lakes themselves, and the buzzbait is perfect for use. The buzzbait has been proven to be extremely successful if used correctly. It actually has a small propellor that rotates when in water. It serves to create vibrations just below the surface of the water and the movements are actually picked up by the nerves that are located on the sides of the bass. The bass will then home in on the lure and will, more often than not, bite! Buzzbait lures are incredibly versatile because they can move as fast or as slow as you like and, as a result, can really be used in any circumstances or conditions. If the action is plentiful on a specific day then you may want to speed the buzzbait up. This is often more apt in summer. However, in winter you should slow the buzzbait down so that it creates a ripple effect and will draw the bass out of his hiding place more slowly. As such, you are responsible for gaging the nature of the water. Mexican lakes do tend to be very lucious in terms of vegetation and thus the buzzbait is perfect for capturing the attention of the bass.

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  1. Garret says:

    What are the depths that smallmouth and large mouth bass hold? I’m trying to find the range to where they are at but first I need to know their minimal and maximum depths for both.

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