Largemouth Bass Spawning Preferences

Where do the Largemouth Bass prefer to spawn?

The Largemouth Bass has a special preference when it comes to spawning, this comes in where they want to spawn, when they want to spawn and how they actually spawn.

Where they want to spawn

The Largemouth Bass likes to spawn in shallow waters, normally this is near the enbankment or shore of the waters in which they live. Generally the Largemouth Bass will spawn in waters between two and twenty feet in depth, although they are mainly found around the four to eight feet depths.

When they want to spawn

The Largemouth Bass spawns in the months of May and June, the reason for this is they like to spawn when the temperature of the water reaches the optimum temperature between sixty five degrees fahrenheit (eighteen and a half degrees celsius) and seventy five degrees fahrenheit (twenty four degrees celsius).

How they actually spawn

When spawning time draws near the male Largemouth Bass builds a cicular nest out of sand and gravel that is roughly twice his length in size, the male will then guard the nest waiting for a female Largemouth who is ready to spawn.

Once he has found a suitable female the male and female willturn their bodies laterally so they are very close before the male ejects his sperm at the same time as the female releases her eggs.

After the eggs are released they will hatch between two to four days and the male will stay with the fry protecting them for the two weeks they stay in the nest before the fry will then leave to make their own destiny.

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  1. haley says:

    hey im doing a fish report on the large mouth bass and how it spawns. But i just need one more ? so … the ? is about how meny eggs does the large mouth bass lay????????????????????????????????????????????

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