How are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass different ?

There are many more differences between a Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass than just the size of their mouth. Largemouth Bass are primary colored green with black bars on their bodies. Smallmouth Bass on the other hand are more bronze colored with bodies that are slightly less rounded and better streamlined for faster swimming. The Largemouth Bass grows approximately twice as large and fast as the Smallmouth Bass does. The main differences between the two species are behavior however. For starters the Smallmouth Bass is a much better fighter pound for pound than the Largemouth Bass. When you catch a Smallmouth Bass you definitely wind up bringing in a fish that is smaller than you perhaps originally thought it was. The habitat each of these species prefers also differs. Largemouth Bass prefer shallower water. They also prefer to be in weedy sections of a lake. Smallmouth Bass prefer deeper water and like a rocky or gravel bottom. In a river you will find Smallmouth Bass in the fast moving current, often at an ambush station near a large rock. River Largemouth Bass on the other hand are found in backwater sections of the river, away from the fast current and if possible near a section of weeds. Their food preferences are slightly different. Largemouth Bass prefer to eat while swimming towards the surface of the water and will often slam a lure and jump clear of the water. Smallmouth Bass tend to eat while swimming down towards the bottom of a lake.

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