No existen el Pavon en el Mexico.

I just got back from fishing for peacock bass in Panama. Had a ball & caught 60 or 70 in 1/2 a day & they are great eating. Are there any lakes in Mexico that have Peacock bass ?

The Peacock Bass is an English name given to a species of tropical freshwater fish of the Genus Cichla. There are 4 main subspecies recognized, all native to the Amazon River Basin. They are not true basses, nor are they even related to the North American sunfish species collectively known as bass. They are members of the Cichlid family, which includes many common aquarium fish. The four subspecies are : The Barred Peacok Bass-growing in excess of 27 pounds, this fish can be identified by its dusky greeen coloring, fading to yellow on the sides, with 3 striking vertical black bars running along each side. The Speckled Peacock Bass-darkest colored of the 4 species, it has the same coloring and markings as as the Barred Peacock Bass, only darker, and with the addition of lines of white or pale yellow spots running longitudinally along both sides. It can grow in excess of 27 pounds. The Butterfly Peacock Bass-the most colorful and widely distributed member of the species. Considerably smaller than the others, they average around 2 pounds. They have the same coloring as the Barred Peacock Bass, but instead of bars down the sides, they have 3 distinct black blotches. The Royal Peacock Bass- another smaller representative averaging 2 to 4 pounds, this fish is drab olive in color with a black stripe along the lateral line, and 7 to 10 faint vertical dark stripes along the body. Their range, especially of the Butterfly Peacock Bass, has been extended through various stocking programs to Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Panama, Singapore, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Hawaiian Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Miami-Dade/Broward counties in the state of Florida, in the U. S. As of yet, Mexico has not engaged in any stocking programs for this fish, out of fears that it may damage their outstanding and lucrative Black Bass fisheries. It is unlikely that the Peacock Bass will ever be officially introduced into any Mexican waters. Happy fishing!

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