North Carolina Bass Fishing

Tactics for North Carolina Bass Fishing

When it comes to tactics, knowing when to fish is important. The bass are most plentiful during the spring when they are getting ready to spawn but the early fall is also a good time to go in search of this species. Another important issue is the type of water you are fishing in. The techniques that you use when fishing in clear water may not work as well when fishing in stained water. For example, when fishing in stained water using lures that make noise can draw the fish your way and capture their attention while this may scare the bass away in clear water.

Crankbaits and spinner baits are a great choice that can help you achieve some really good results when bass fishing. Having a variety of colors is recommended such as chartreuse, chrome and shad. Make sure you have a variety of sizes as well because you never know for sure which size will work the best until you are out on the water. Using fresh bait is another option that normally always gets results. Just make sure you keep it in a cooler so it will stay fresher longer and it will benefit you the most.
Do your research to learn as much as you can about the area you plan on fishing to see what types of bait is recommending and where the best locations are on each of the lakes. It is important that you use the right size bait to match the size of the bass in the lake where you are fishing. If you use small bait in a lake with large bass the larger fish will ignore it and you will miss your chance of catching the biggest fish possible. On the other hand, if your bait is too large for the bass, then they will swim right pass it and you won’t get any bites.

You will find that some of the best fishing in the nation is in North Carolina so whether you live there or just visiting, make sure you take some time to go bass fishing. You will be glad you didn’t pass up your chance to see just how much these lakes and rivers have to offer.

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