Please tell me how to catch striped bass fish

There are two types of Striped Bass in the US, although they are the same
species.The Striped Bass’s range was originally from St. Lawrence River in Canada, south along the coast to the St. Johns River in Florida, and west to the Gulf of Mexico. However, in 1941, when the Santee-Cooper River in North Carolina was dammed, forming lakes Moultrie and Marion, it was discovered that not only did the trapped Striped Bass in the freshwater lakes not die, they actually adapted and flourished. This created and exciting new fishery, as they were transplanted in lakes all over the country with a national stocking program. It was discovered that they were excellent at controlling populations of threadfin and gizzard shad. They were even hybridized with White Bass, creating a new subspecies! It is one of fishing’s greatest success stories

One of the best ways to catch striped bass, in fresh, or salt water, is to look for flocks of diving birds. Underneath them, you will usually find the water boiling with large schools of striped bass chopping up hapless baitfish. You can throw almost anything into this melee and catch fish. The best lures in frsh water are anything the resembles shad. In saltwater, any lure that looks like menhaden has always worked well for me.

Happy fishing.

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