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how to use live bait in pond while bass fishing

When pond fishing for Largemouth Bass in a small pond you must keep your presentation as natural as possible. The problem with pond fishing is that most ponds have been overfished, sometimes to a large degree. These Largemouth Bas shave seen every kind of presentation and have grown wary of just about anything that looks in the least bit not natural. Scale down your equipment as much as possible. Use a light action rod equipped with a small high performance open faced spinning reel. For line I recommend fluorocarbon line that is no heavier than four pound test strength, lower if you feel skilled enough to successfully fish while using. You cannot give the quarry any reason to sense anything that is not natural in your presentation. Fluorocarbon line has more than twice the invisibility factor when compared to standard monofilament. Use a hook that is as small as possible in both width and shank size. Wire hook work best, try to find a hook that you can put through the lips of a minnow and keep as hidden as possible. High quality small gold mustad hooks work well in this endeavor. When casting into the water do not add anything else to your line. No bobber, no weights, absolutely nothing. Cast your minnow into the targeted area and allow it to freeline. This is as natural a presentation as you can offer. While fishing open the bail and allow the line to rest on your palm. You can detect a bite in this manner without any inkling on the other end that you are there.

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