Should I use different bait for white bass fishing than for regular bass fishing (large and smallmouth)?

Should I use different bait for white bass than for regular bass (largemouths and smallmouths)?

White bass will strike gizzard and threadfin as well as shad. In the spring and in summer you can use crankbaits or jigs, but in the fall months, you want to use baitfish such as shad. Of course, shad is good bait all year long. You do want to use an ultra light rod and a six-pound test line. You can effectively use any lure that resembles a shad. Some of the surface propelled lures work great for catching white bass when the fishing season is in full force. Depending on the area, you are going to fish for white bass will more than likely help with the decision on what bait to use. However, the best live bait is going to be the shad. If you need to use artificial bait, find something shinny to attract the bass. White as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass are easier to catch, but in the spring and fall months, it seems that the bass fishing is the best. You will also want to have some warm water temperatures for white bass. White bass prefer less turbulent waters. If you are lucky enough to find the opportunity to fish is the spring months, chances are that you can fishing right from shore in many places. This is a great opportunity for anglers who prefer to keep there feet on dry land. Find the shad and get enough to last the day. You should have some good catches during the day hours even in nice weather. .

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