Smallmouth Bass And Spawning Patterns

When do the Smallmouth Bass begin spawning?

The smallmouth bass is one of the most abundant fish in the USA but numbers have slightly declined in recent years owing to the all year round nature of bass fishing today. This has largely happened because bass fishing is now more popular as a hobby and a sport than it has ever been. As a result, people are less likely to observe the months of spawning and very few areas have restrictions imposed. Controlled pools do, but it is up to the fisherman or woman to really find out about the spawning period and observe it! The spawning of smallmouth bass usually occurs in April and May. This is because the water is then at the ideal temperature of around 59 to 64F (15 to 18C). The temperature is perfect for warming and nurturing the spawn until the baby smallmouth bass are ready to begin life in the rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and reservoirs that they live in. Spawn will be laid in all sort of nooks and crannies to help protect them, such as rocky areas, wall nooks and vegetation. This is largely because the spawn must be protected as far as possible from other creatures that will feed on this and thus prevent the bass growing beyond the spawning stage. Bass will live to between six and fourteen years old so it is essential that we allow the bass to grow and mature. They could have long lives if we nurture them in the early months and provide much better fishing into the future!

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