Smallmouth Bass Fishing Secrets

The smallmouth rely mainly on sight to find prey and avoiding becoming prey themselves, so they will do their best to stay away from muddy and murky areas, so any bait with a natural look and feel is best to use, especially since the smallmouth will usually be less picky than largemouth when it comes to lure and the line itself.

They will put up quite an amazing fight for their size, but the smallmouth can be caught using fly fishing techniques, too.

In all, there are many different areas that you might be overlooking where schools of smallmouth may enjoy hiding out and waiting to ambush. It is best to try a few different areas slowly and then leave them alone for awhile. You can even come back later and try more effective bait. It is especially imperative to know why you are using the bait you are using, because throughout the course of one day the smallmouth may cycle through multiple different feeding habits, and even then that is going to be based on the season and the location.

Many times you may find that your local bait shop is the best place to find what to use when and where to catch smallmouth bass because there you will find veteran fishers that have a tailored experience to local areas.

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