Smallmouth Bass On The Missouri River

This past weekend we fished the Missouri River in Big Sandy Montana, my boyfriend caught a smallmouth bass just weighing a little over 2 lbs, i was wondering if this was normal to catch a smallmouth bass from the missouri, and also is that a large size for the smallmouth bass ?

Smallmouth bass can be found all over the United States in various rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and pools, so it is no surprise that you caught one in the Missouri River in Montana. In fact, that river is one of the most diverse rivers in the USA in terms of the amount of fish species you can actually catch! There are rainbows, cutthroats, lake trout, channel catfish, paddlefish, sturgeon, northern pike, walleye, carp, yellow perch, paddlefish, Chinook salmon, browns, black and white crappie, and burbot, amongst others. And of course, there are largemouth bass and smallmouth bass there as well, as you found out! The waters are perfect for smallmouth bass there, although they are not one of the most abundant species there. They will have travelled into the river via the adjoining streams initially, but now call the Missouri their home amongst the various species, and that makes for some interesting fishing indeed! Smallmouth bass can be found more abundantly around the Cascade area so if you caught it elsewhere then the likelihood is that you were pretty lucky because very few of the bass live further up or downstream than that! In terms of the size – that bass was neither small nor large for the species. A smallmouth bass usually weighs in at 1.5lbs to 5lbs. As you can see, this bass is on the lower end of the scale, although it is not the smallest around. It may be that the particular fish that you caught was a younger fish or that there had been a lack of food in the area and this is why it bit. However, the weight is within the normal range.

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  1. Timothy says:

    I catch several larger smallmouth bass on the wing dikes in the Sioux City,Iowa area. They are usually 3 to 5.5 LBS. I will stand on the end of the wing dike right at the edge of the water and throw a Cotton Cordell big “O”,a white or smoke colored tube, A leadhead with a 3″ Mister Twister Sassy shad Or A Rapala Husky jerk. Note: When you throw any of these baits,I always throw them up stream and then retrieve them trying to bounce them of the rocks under the surface. I hope this information will help somebody out there next time they want to fish small mouths in the Sioux City,Iowa area. Good luck fishing. Smallmouth Tim “with the big mouth”

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