Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The area directly beneath a dam is a great place to start. If there are rocks present this area is even much better. In fact a dam illustrates the difference between the two species. In the area above the damn you have a wide expanse of water that often has creeks that branch off the main river and renter the same river or a different river at a later point. These are the areas Largemouth Bass inhabit, the current is much slower and there is often medium to heavy weed growth for them.

Smallmouth Bass on the other hand prefer the area directly beneath the dam. The water is much faster in this area, often agitated to the point of heavy white caps. This highly oxygenated water in the perfect habitat for Smallmouth Bass. Their awesome speed allows them to catch fast moving smaller fish and other food morsels drifting in the current. They simply wait in ambush near a large rock and pounce on whatever comes their way.

As you move away from the dam and venture down the river again look for rocks as your prime key for locating Smallmouth Bass. The key approach is to cast your lure upstream and allow the current to help bring it into the target area. You do not want to cast downstream and bring your lure in this direction. This pattern will not appear natural to the target fish and will not be as successful.

As you catch both of these species you will also notice the difference in their fighting ability. Smallmouth Bass are much more prolific fighter than their larger cousin. This difference holds true for both river and lake varieties of these fish. When gearing up you need to account for this fact. You can use much heavier line when fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Remember you are fishing deeper water for Smallmouth Bass. The visibility of line decrease as the water depth becomes greater. You will also be fishing near heavy rocks that can weaken your line as it rubs against them. For these reasons you should spool your reels with heavier line than you would when fishing for Largemouth Bass. A truly trophy Smallmouth Bass is much tougher to reel in with light line than a comparable size
Largemouth Bass.

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