Spawning Largemouth Bass

When does the spawning season for Largemouth Bass begin?

Largemouth bass start spawning when they are about one year in age or over ten inches in length (just over thirty centimetres). The Largemouth bass spawn during the spring months of March to June when the water temperature is around sixty five to seventy five degrees farenheight.

Normally the male Largemouth bass will find the nest for the spawning season, this nest will be made from sand and gravel, circular in shape and quite shallow, it will also normally be around twice the size of the male Largemouth bass in length. 

It is believed that larger male Largemouth bass build nests slightly deeper than their smaller counterparts. The normal depths for Largemouth to build nests is in shallow waters of around one to five feet, normally near the shore or river banks. It is important to note that some Largemouth have been known to build their nests up to twenty feet below the surface if the water is very clear.

Once the nest is created the male Largemouth will guard a perimeter that is around six feet in circumference and will keep swimming around the nest until he can find a female mate, once a perfect mate is found they will swim together and the spawning take place when they both swim laterally so they can get in close contact with one another so when both fish shudder the released eggs and sperm can be released in the same place.

Female Largemouth actually spawn more than once in the spring period, their first spawn will be the majority of their eggs, but a second and sometimes third spawn can take place within a month of the first.

The male guards the eggs which only take two to four weeks to hatch and the male will also keep guard of the fry that hatch for up to two weeks when the fry will leave the nest for good. 

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