Spinnerbait mechanics

Can you describe how a spinner bait works?

A spinnerbait works by enticing a Largemouth Bass in two ways.  First consider the blade. As the bait is retrieved through the water the blade vibrates and creates sound the fish can identify and become drawn towards.  The design of the blade alters the intensity of this sound.  Round blades that are cupped at the end create more vibration than willow leaf shaped blades.


The blade of a spinnerbait also has a visual effect.  It reflects light into the water which attracts a Largemouth Bass from a distance.  Again the shape of the blade controls the degree of reflected light.  This time it is the willow leaf blade that creates a much greater intensity than the cupped round blade. Many spinnertbait have two blades, one of each style for a maximum attraction.


Next you must consider the hook end of a spinnerbait.  Usually this end of the bait consists of a hook with a jig head and a dense skirt that camouflages the work and helps make the bait semi-weedless. 


Once the bass is attracted to the vicinity of your lure by the blade it will be the back end that decides whether he strikes or not.  Color is often the key here. You should have many different colors of spinnerbaits in your box.  Amount of light and water clarity have a great impact on which colors a Largemouth bass will strike.  White for instance may work best on a given day. One week later you can fish the same spot and white is no good and yellow produces much better.  As water clarity and available light change so to must your fishing tools change.

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