Striped Bass Habitat

Techniques for Catching Striped Bass

When fishing for the striped bass the temperature of the water will make a big difference in where they are located. In the summer they will usually be in the deeper parts of the water and trolling is an excellent technique that will help you located them faster. When the water begins to cool down the bass will move closer to the surface and they will be easier to find.

Night fishing is usually the most productive because this is when they feed the most actively. This is also the time when the area will be the quietest and there won’t be as many distractions that scare the fish away. However, this is one species that will shy away from lights shining in the water. Therefore, if you use a lantern you should keep it dim and inside the boat away from the surface of the water because this will scare them away.

This species has a habit of following the food source around so they don’t stay in one place for very long. The best way to find them will be to find the baitfish they feed on first and they should be close by. One of the best baits to use for the striped bass is shad. Some of your other options that will prove to be productive include shrimp, sardines, worms, herring, eels, plugs, crankbaits and spoons.

Live bait is usually the best to use and you need to keep it as fresh as possible for the best results. Still, they will sometimes take it even if it’s dead especially if you’re using shad. Whichever type of bait you use, avoid handling it more than necessary. If you get your scent on the bait, the striped bass will ignore it. They have a strong sense of smell and if the bait has a strange odor they will swim away from it. Keep in mind that the striped bass can grow to some very impressive sizes so you need to use good quality gear when seeking them out. No one wants to lose a nice catch because the fishing line broke.

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