Texas Bass Fishing

One small Texas bass fishing lake that is sometimes missed due to its small size is Lake Bastrop. It sits 45 minutes to the east of Austin in the Lost Pine Forest and is a mere 900 acres. However, it is also the home of some of the highest quality bass in the state, meaning that you can have a great catch here with little effort. The vegetation here allows for it to be a perfect home to Florida largemouth bass, since they enjoy this as a habitat. Because it is a power plant lake, the waters remain warm, so bass are always active. That means the fishing here is good year round, so anglers in a frenzy to feed their habit in the dead of winter can look to Lake Bastrop as their therapy. The slot limit size here is 14-21 inches in length for bass, and that usually turns up quite a few 2-4 pounders, though you can definitely find them larger in this little lake not much bigger than a local pond.

Texas bass fishing is good all over the state, and many in the Dallas area will say that Lake Fork and Lake Ray Roberts are the premier bass fishing lakes in the entire country, teeming with blacks, whites, stripers, and largemouth (and even a few smallmouth here and there). Hybrids can also be found. So, if you really want to experience a cultural pastime, come check out some of the lakes where there is excellent Texas bass fishing and join in the family!

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