The best black bass fishing lure & why

Therefore, you know that it’s something they will go after. Plastic worms can be fished in many different ways. For example, by using them with the Texas rig they become weedless. This means that you can fish them in grassy areas where the bass love to hang out in search of food, without them constantly getting tangled up. Therefore, anytime you’re fishing in heavy cover, nothing works better than a Texas-rigged worm.

If you want to extend your search for the black bass they can be used with a Carolina rig. These allow you to cover a large area easily and they perform better than anything else in waters that have smooth bottoms. Use the wacky rig when the bass are suspended in shallow water and when you need the worm to fall slowly to the bottom in an attempt to entice a strike. When fishing in deep water in the summer months, you won’t find a more effective black bass fishing lure than the plastic worm. The bass just can’t resist the way it moves through the water.

Tips for Using Plastic Worms
Now that you know which black bass lure is considered the best, it’s important that you learn how to use them correctly. The first step is always to choose the right size lure for the type of black bass that you’re seeking out. For the larger black bass you’ll want to use large plastic worms averaging around ten inches in length. Three to four inch plastic worms are more suited for the smaller species. Large bass will strike at smaller bait but the small bass won’t go after the larger baits.

The next thing that you will need to do is determine what type of rig you want to use for the best results. This will depend on where you’re fishing and which black bass species you’re seeking out. Make sure that you have the right equipment to handle this very aggressive species. It’s vital that you have a sensitive fishing rod when fishing with plastic worms because they usually don’t hit this lure very hard.

Plastic worm lures come in a wide variety of colors and it’s recommended that you experiment with them to learn which ones work best in different situations. You should also take a variety of different colors and sizes with you on your fishing trip so you can be prepared for most anything.

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