The Best Conditions For Bass Fishing

Hi there, I live on a 80acre lake that runs about 25feet at its deepest point. There are channels that branch off on the south east side and they run about 5-10 feet deep. Right now the water temp is about 40-45 degrees and the temp outside is close to the same.. I want to know where to look for bass this time of year and how should I go about catching them? Including what time of day I should try my luck? Any help would be great! Thank you… Stan Schmidt

Living on any lake filled with bass is an absolute blessing because you can make the most of that any time you want. However, there are certain times when bass fishing it at its best and winter is not one of them. The cold makes bass far less active. They rarely feed as their digestive systems are far more economical. They can take days to digest anymoresel that passes their lips. As a result of that, they are also less active in terms of movement and take less oxygen on board. This is because they are cold blooded and their body temperatures lower to the temperature of the water around them. As bass are cold blooded creatures, when the temperature hits lows like 40-45 degrees then they are much harder to catch! When you are fishing for bass in the conditions desrcibed, yourfirst port of call should be any vegtation that happens to be in the lake. Bass tend to take shelter in the vegetation as it is slightly warmer. If there is no vegetation then you should fish as deep as possible. They will head deep into the lake. However, if you do plan on fishing then there are some tips that could help you. Try to fish for the bass around midday as the air temperature will be slightly higher and the fish may also be nearer to the surface. However, you should still fish deep. Keep the line as still as possible because this will be more likely to attract a bite. It ay also be worth using a torpedo bait to try and entice a little interest as the vibraions will attract them whilst the still line will actually make it easier for them to bite!

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