The Best Solutions For Bass Fishing in California!

whats the best way to fish for largemouth in california during winter? how do you gauge wat color to use with water clarity and water temp ? whats best ways to fish for bass through the season.? i ask alot question beacuse i only catch bunch of little bass and like 1 out of 50 is over 3 pounds and i want to go pro!

Fishing for largemouth bass in winter can certainly be a mission. As bass are cold blooded, their blood temperature will be the same as the temperature of the water that they are in. As a result, the move far less than they do in the smmer. As such, you really need to attract their attention and the following tips will help, whether you are in California or Ontario! In terms of the colour of the bait used, chartreuse is a good colour to use all year round. The water will actually provide a good contrast with the colour ofthe water and is extremely attractive to both largemouth and smallmouth bass. However, the trick is to match the weather with the bait. For example, if it is sunny then you should use a metallic coloured bait because it will reflect the light and catch the eye of the bass in question. However, if you do the same on a murhky day then the effect is going to be lost so you are just best to use a solid dark colour. However, in terms of the technique you use hen fishing or the best way to fish for largemouth bass, it largely depends on you. Every fisherman or woman has an established technique that suits him or her perfectly because he or she will have tried out numerous ways to fish for bass. The best thing to do is to take a look at different ways to fish and try out several of them on similar days (weather, conditions, water etc) and this way you will figure out which ones you are most comfortable with and work best for you. If you want to go professional then it is imperative that you figure out what works best for you.

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