The Lives Of Bass!

how do bass live???????????????????????????????????????????

This is an extremely general questions, and an extremely good one! I will try to answer it as best I can! There are several different types of bass. All actually have very real difference that affect their ability to live and their specific habitat, but the general rule of thumb is that they tend to live in and around the Americas in medium flowing streams and rivers, lakes, creeks and pools. They have to live in areas in which there is a decent summer with temperatures rising consistently above 15 to 18C in order to spawn and feed in April and May. They prefer higher temperatures because this actually raises the water temperature. Bass are at their most active in summer and this is mainly when they feed. As they are cold blooded, their body temperature mirrors that of the water around them. As a result, they can move faster, digest more quickly and travel a greater distance in the summer. During winter, they often have no need to move for days and will take refuge in rocky backs and formations and vegetation to protect themselves from predators. The bass is a major predator itself in the rivers and streams of the USA. It will east anything from plankton to fish and frogs that are up to 30% of its entire body length. In fact, it is commonly said that the bass will eat almost anything at all, as long as it is alive! This actually sustains the fish and enables it to take on the role of major predator in its habitat!

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