The spotted Bass is……

What is a spotted Bass?

The spotted bass, known as the Micropterus punctulatus by the scientific world, is a type of bass that looks extremely similar to its cousin the largemouth Bass.  The difference between the two fish is the markings found on the spotted Bass.

The spotted Bass has spots and streaks across the bottom half of its body and on the gill cover area there is a large dark spot. Unlike some other types of Bass, the spotted Bass also has a rough textured area on its tongue.

The spotted Bass can only be found in Ohio, a state in the United States of America, and this is only in the southern part of the state in the small rivers and streams.

Spotted Bass are one of the smallest species of Bass and on average only weight around one pound in weight, although they have been known to reach up to five pounds in weight, but this is very rare.

Many anglers overlook the spotted Bass as a choice of catch and prefer other species, but the spotted Bass is a wonderful fish to catch at any time of the year. The best time of the year to catch spotted Bass is during the summer months of July and August just after they have finished spawning and go in to a feeding frenzy.

There are many different ways to catch spotted Bass but many people prefer to use fly fishing or spinning as these are believed to be the  most productive methods to catching a great haul of these wonderful fish.

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