Three Bass Fishing Tactics to use in Ohio

Bass fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports being enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It has much to offer anyone who enjoys spending time outside in the fresh air. It’s great to gather together with friends and family and head out to the water to do a little fishing but this sport is also great for the professional angler looking for a challenge. There are many tournaments to participate in where you can win both cash and prizes along with a number of other events you can take part in.

There are many parks and lakes where you can go to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities found here anytime you decide to fish. Once you get out on the water look for the bass around sunken trees, weeds, rocks, stumps and so forth. They tend to hide out around structures where they can seek shelter from predators and ambush the baitfish they feed off of. You’ll also find the bass to be more active when the water temperature is between fifty and eighty degrees.

Three Bass Fishing Tactics Used in Ohio

When fishing in Ohio there are several tactics that can be used to reel in the fish. Learning a variety of them will help to make you more productive because you can switch around and try different things when you’re not getting the results you’re after. You’ll also want to learn as much about the particular type of bass you want to catch and this will make it easier to decide which tactics to use. Nevertheless, three of the best Ohio bass fishing tactics that can be used for all types of bass are discussed below:

1. Fish with surface baits and you should reel in a nice catch. Some of your best options include buzzbait, wobblers, minnows, poppers and frogs. These are especially productive when fishing in the summer.

2. Go fishing in the fall and you’re sure to yield some excellent results. The water is less populated and the bass are hungry in the fall. What more could you ask for? It makes the perfect scenario to catch lots of fish.

3. Find the baitfish and you should find the bass. All fish species tend to stay close to a food source and the bass in no exception. When you find areas where the baitfish is plentiful, the bass will usually be close by.

This is a challenging species that will fight you all the way to shore once you get one hooked. It can also be difficult to feel when the bass takes your bait. For this reason, many new to the sport end up missing a lot of bites because they don’t feel it when they strike. Using a float and sensitive gear can help to take care of this problem.

One of the great things about bass is that they can be caught just as easily with artificial bait as they can when using live baits and there are many to choose from. They’re highly attracted to bright colors so try a variety of them to see what works the best in each given situation.

They can be found in the shallows in the early morning and late evening and move out to the deeper water during the heat of the day. However, they can usually be found near the shoreline when it’s cloudy or rainy. Normally, they’ll respond well to a fast moving retrieval when the water temperature is above fifty degrees but you’ll need to slow it down when fishing in water that is cooler.

The Best Places to Bass Fish in Ohio

When bass fishing in Ohio you’ll find many excellent places to fish. You can find bass in just about every lake and river within the state but that’s not all. You can also fish small and large ponds and small streams for this species. It’s a good idea to buy a map of the body of water where you plan to fish so you can gather some information about it and learn where some of the best places to fish are located.

The Ohio River is one of the best places to catch bass and listed below are a few of the most well-known lakes located throughout Ohio where the bass are plentiful:
* Lake Hope
* Buckeye Lake
* Hargus Lake
* Seneca Lake
* Lake Erie
* Harrison Lake
* Burr Oak Lake
* Knox Lake

There is nothing more pleasurable than going out on a river or lake and reeling in a nice mess of bass and there is no better place to go fishing than in Ohio. Be sure to follow all of the safety rules relating to being on the water to ensure your safety. It’s also recommended that you learn the fishing rules and regulations for your area before going bass fishing in Ohio to avoid breaking any laws.

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