Three Striped Bass Rigs and Lures to Try

There are many game fish that are easy to land and find but the striped bass is not one of them. They are very particular about what food they eat and they can be elusive.Anyone who is looking for the striped bass and who wants to have a successful day on the water fishing for them needs to have the proper gear to do
this.The main issue is that there are so many different bass rigs and lures on the market that it can be difficult narrowing down your choices to the few that are actually effective. Also, it is important to distinguish whether you are fishing for fresh or saltwater striped bass.Many people spend hundreds of dollars on this equipment and still do not bring any fish home.So what are the best striped bass rigs and lures to try that can allow you to catch the limit or a trophy sized fish?

The following are three of the best on the market today for fishing for saltwater striped bass:Surf Fishing Rigs

* Fish Finder – The fish finder rig is one of the best rigs that are available for fishing for striped bass.There are many types of these rigs however only one is truly effective when it comes to catching the striped bass.

It is important to use live bait rather than using a lure when surf fishing with this rig.You should be using eel, menhaden or herring as the choice for your live bait.This rig should have a leader of at least twenty inches between the hook and the swivel.For full casting ability, use a slide sinker but make sure to attach it above the swivel so the live bait still has the ability to float on the surf. Always use clear leaders and lines and because the striped bass can see well and feed by sight rather than scent or vibration in the water as other fish species do. This rig is the best because it does allow the bait to be presented in the most natural way and that leads to more strikes.

* High Low Rig – The second best rig to use when fishing for striped bass is the high low rig.Instead of fishing at just one level, you actually get your bait at two different levels of the water where the striped bass are located.The smaller bass are in the upper levels of the surf while the larger bass can be found closer to the bottom.They way to set up this rig is by using two five inch drop loops and a five foot section of leader.The two loops should be twelve inches apart in order to keep them from tangling.In order for the bottom loop to reach the lower levels of the surf, put a snap sinker on it.

The top level needs to have a swivel on it to give it that much more room to float closer to the surface.There should also be a circle hook tied to both loops that enables the fish to basically land themselves with the bottom one being larger than the first.Chunk bait into large pieces for the bottom rigs and small pieces at the top to entice the bass to strike.

Best Striped Bass Lure

* The Finnish Minnow is, without a doubt, the leader for the lures that are the best when fishing for striped bass.It has been known to be the most effective and consistent of all the lure types on the market.There are many different styles and brands of Finnish Minnows as each offers its own action and are used for different depths of water.Having a few different types in your arsenal is a good idea so you can be more effective when fishing for the bass.

They are not always found in the same depth of water and when one is not producing any hits, you can always switch to another one.Use the brands that offer the most realistic looking minnow. As explained above, the striped bass feed by sight so you need to offer them a lure that looks good enough to eat.

Saltwater striped bass takes patience and a lot of luck to land.They are elusive and finding the right lure or rig to use when fishing for them can be tricky.The above are some great ideas for catching this fierce fighting fish and getting your limit each time you go out.Keep in mind that the type of fishing that you are planning on, either surf or static, can be the deciding factor on whether to use a rig with live bait or a lure set up.Either way, you need to make sure you have a good grip on your pole because when a large striped bass takes your hook, they do put up quite the fight.

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