Tips on Catching Bass in Ohio

Ross Lake is where you will find some trophy size largemouth bass. It is easy to catch a fish that is over the fifteen-inch rule on this lake. The preferred bait is a nightcrawler, but the shiners and topwater lures work just as well. The water flow is just right for the bass and they hover around the shores, which makes it easy to catch them without a boat. Casting from shore is done in the majority of the area. Anglers from the area have some good fishing on this lake as well as all the three hundred or so lakes in Ohio.

Acton Lake is a great place to fine bass. The lake does have a restriction on the size of the motor, which is ten horsepower. This does not hamper the fishing in any way, if anything it makes it nicer. The maximum depth of the lake is about thirty feet and you will find the bass everywhere on this lake. You can use a nightcrawler or a topwater lure to catch the bass. The Cowan Lake is another lake like Acton where the bass are found to be a good twelve to fifteen inches with fifteen inches being the size of fish you can keep.

The Ohio bass fishing is very good. It is said that Ohio has more bass lakes and river compared to anywhere else. The truth is that they are pretty close to the top of the list. The lakes are stocked and because of the length restrictions, the bass population has flourished. Anglers do well on these lakes and always come away with a t least a few bass for the dinner table. The smallmouth and largemouth fish are highly sought after fish besides the famous walleye.

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