Top 5 Favorite Plastic Bass Baits

Give me your top 5 favorite plastic bass baits…

Plastic replicas of natural baits such as plastic worms, crawfish, and lizards, catch more bass than any other type of bass bait. For largemouth bass, try a six or seven inch worm, or a six inch lizard. Some plastic lizard colors that work well are blue and black, black, watermelon, pumpkinseed, junebug, and tequila sunrise. It does not matter if you are fishing deep or shallow, stained or clear waters, in cover or in open water, if you inch a worm or crawfish, or lizard over the bottom, through the weeds or timber and through structure will catch bass. There is no doubt about it. Plastic critter type baits are not just for largemouth bass either. If you find that smallies are not hitting on your plastic worms, go down a notch to about a four inch plastic worm. Try the same black you used for largemouth, but add in purple and pumpkin as well for good results. For best success, rig your plastic worms in a Carolina or Texas rig. Try the Carolina rigged soft plastic worms on a long snell for good results. Another favorite is YUM soft plastic baits. YUM makes the new flavored and scented soft plastic worms, crawdads, and lizards. This combines the attraction of the traditional plastics and revolutionary use of natural fish oils and special attractants to draw the fish to your offerings. Finally, these JDC soft plastic baits will always be good to have in your tackle box. The JDC Skip-n-pop is a great topwater lure, the JDC Gibroni is an excellent plastic to catch bass, the JDC Rock Craw is one of JDC’s top soft plastics, and the JDC Bass Bone is probably the most used lure among pros and anyone looking to catch their limit or a trophy sized bass.

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