Virginia Bass Fishing – where to go, tips to follow?

Lake Gaston
Clayton Lake
Kerr Lake
Philpott Lake
Smith Mountain Lake
Connor Lake
Lake Chesdin
Lake Anna
South Holston Lake
Lake Moomaw

Not only are there several major lakes for bass fishing in Virginia but there are many smaller ponds, rivers, reservoirs and small lakes where bass can be found as well. It is interesting to know that the Virginia state record for smallmouth bass was caught in the New River and the one for largemouth bass was caught in Connor Lake.

Great Techniques for Catching Bass in Virginia

The technique that you use for Virginia bass fishing will depend a lot on the season. The time of year affects the water temperature and where the bass can be found and how they respond to the bait you are presenting to them. For instance, when fishing in the winter months, the bass are not very active and they are slow to respond to your bait. They can be found in shallow to moderately deep waters in the early morning and in deeper water as the sun comes up. When fishing in the winter you need to make sure your presentation is a slow movement that is easy to catch or the bass will just watch it go on by.

In the springtime the fish are moving into the warmer water and they are found mostly in the shallow or moderately deep water. Top baits such as crankbaits, spinnerbaits or plastic worms will work the best in this season. They are more active in the spring than any other season because this is when they are preparing for spawning. Summer bass fishing in Virginia requires that you go out deep in the middle of the day and that you fish in the shallows early morning and late evening. Crankbaits, plastic worms and jigs are the best baits to use during this season.

In the fall the best bait to use are spoons, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. You will find bass in the shallow and moderately deep water in the early morning and late afternoon. They will be in the deeper water during the middle of the day and this is where you should use spoons or jigs to fish with. Whatever time of year you go Virginia bass fishing you will find it is one of the most exciting sports you will ever take part in.

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