What are the best bass fishing baits to use in Lake Harris Florida?

What are the best bass fishing bait sto use in Lake Harris Florida?

Lake Harris is a fantastic fishing area in Florida and is extremely popular with bass fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. You can catch any nmber of fish there but it is most popular as a result of its huge largemouth bass population. The catch rate tends to be quite high in relation to other lakes in the same area, but most bass fishing enthusiasts that have visited there agree that there are three baits that tend to have a greater effect than others. The plastic worm, crankbait and topwater plug are by far the most effective bass fishing baits available today. The crankbait really maes the bass bite. It is one of the most ppular amongst bass fishing enthusiasts because it is also extremely easy to use from a boat or from the shore and has a similar effect all year round. The topwater plug is also fantastic if used in the spring and summer when the water is warm and bass are closer to the surface of the water. It does not have a great effect in the winter so leave it at home then. The plastic worm is my personal favourite all year round. The vegetation under the water regularly traps other baits and lures but the plastic worm glides through it, thus allowing you to fish anywhere on the lake and enjoy the experience rather than cursing it. The plastic worm is also useful because it will get you results all year round, even if you are having a bad day. You can switch the unsuccessful bait with a plastic worm and improve your catch rate immediately.

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