What are the best largemouth flies around today?

Our club is putting together a dozen or two largemouth flies in a kit to give out as gifts. Can you speculate or give me a link to what would be the best set if you were doing this? Thanks in advance.

If you are aiming to catch largemout bass via fly fishing techniques then the likelihood is that you have any number of flies at your disposal. After all, they are sold far and wide on the Internet and in fishing stores in towns and cities everywhere. Some people make their own whilst others are content to buy them, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Crayfish Sand os one of those that I would highly recommend. A size 4 will move across the bottom of a lake or in shallow water like the ral thing, thus attracting the attention of bass almost immediately. In fact, they yield extremely good results all year round. The larger ones can also be useful but I would recommend sz 4’s above others because they do seem to resemble the crayfish a little more than the larger ones. Bass Poppers are also excellent. They come in a variety of sizes and colours so you can choose the ones that best suit the waters that you fish in. However, I believe that the more brightly coloured they are, the better they work. i am a big fn of the yellow bass poppers and the blue ones as well. Bother are extremely useful in any conditions and any water, although they do not act as well in winter fishing conditions. When choosing any largemouth bass fishing flies, I would recommend the two above over all others in the marketplace because I have had the best results with them. of course, others may advocate something different but they have never let me down yet!

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