What are the Best Lures for Bass and How to Use Them

Bass is probably the most popular game fish that people angle for. They are fun to catch and put up a great fight.Unless they are trophy size, even youngchildren can land this species of fish without needing too much help from mom and dad.One of the most popular ways to angle for this species is by usinglures to attract them.The main problem is that because of the popularity of the fish, there have been a plethora of lures that have been created for them sohow does the novice or occasional fisherman know which ones are effective and which are a waste of money? Also, how do you use the ones that are actually
helpful in attracting the bass?

The following are the best lures for bass and how to use them:

Worms – One of the most versatile of all of the lures is the plastic worm and they are also quite effective when it comes to catching fish of many species.

The reason that they are so popular is because they can be used with other lures or with a simple hook and sinker set up.To use them, attach them to the hook or lure and cast them into the weedy or rocky areas that the bass are known for frequenting when feeding.If it is full daylight, you want to go deeper than if it was dawn or dusk as this is where the bass are found.Use a bobber and allow the plastic worm to float freely in the water. Ever five or ten minutes, reel in and recast until you get your fish.

Crankbait – The second most popular bass lure are the crankbaits that are made to look like the food that the bass naturally feed on.These are baitfish, crawfish and frogs.You can find them in just about any size that the baitfish is found in nature and they are quite effective.To use them, you do not need a bobber but you may need a slip sinker to get them deep enough when fishing when it is hot or sunny out.Simply cast the crankbait and slowly reel it in so that it mimics the action of the natural prey.When casting into weedy or rocky areas, you want to reel in a bit faster so that they do not get caught up in these elements because that can lead to snags and lost lures.

Spinnerbait – When you want to catch trophy sized bass or if you are having a hard time finding them in the first place, you can use the spinnerbait.This bait allows you to fish more area much quicker than any other lure.They are quick cast and reel types of lures that can get through a large area quickly.

As with the crankbait, you cast out and reel in very quickly to get the fish’s attention.Since they look like baitfish, the bass strike fast and hard on them.When fishing from the shore, you can move quickly to different areas to find the bass and when angling from a boat, it is easy to move around the boat and find different areas where you can cast out to.

Jigs – Jigs can be used alone or in conjunction with live baits or plastic worms.If you find those that are similar to the baitfish that the bass already feed on then you have a great chance at catching some great sized bass.These should be used when fishing in the bottom of the lakes to ensure that they are attracting the bass.Cast out and allow them to reach the bottom because the mimic the action of the crayfish that bass love.

Plugs – When using plugs, make sure that they are the topwater variety.These are used when the bass are feeding at the top of the water and when fishing in the weeds during the early morning or late evening hours.You do not want to use any type of sinker with this lure as they are made to float hence the name topwater.Just cast out your lime with the topwater plug and allow it to sit and move with the current of the water.This is enough to attract the attention fo the bass.When they strike, one of two things happens; the bass strikes incredibly fiercely or you may just feel a slight pull on the lure.

It is vital when the pull is soft to set the hook or you may lose your fish.

A light rod can help when using topbait plugs because there is more sensitivity in the tip.

Bass is one of the most popular game fish that anglers want to land.This means that there are many different lures that are produced for the bass fisherman.The novice can be confused as to which ones are effective and which ones are simply wastes of money.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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